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I like inteligent&interesting men who feel privileged to worship a refined, elegant and sophisticated lady with a dark side on her.Think of me like the habit you want to give up but just can't...the more you resist the stronger the urge.

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A journey?You have stumbed across this website for a reason :)Together we will explore a more exciting world. I will bring you to the edge of your limits and stretch them as far as they go at a pace that is suitable for you. Know that you are safe with me.I will always respect your limits.Now your new world begins.Naturally installed in my belief sistem, the intuition is my gift and i am able to get into your psyche. The ones that want worship me, be close to me, be controlled by me.. and crave all these. That's an escape from your boring normal world.


  • Age:: 32
  • Preference:: straight
  • Ville::
  • Poitrine:: D
  • Silhouette:: S
  • Pays::
  • Origine:: european
  • Couleur de cheveux:: blonde
  • Signe Astrologique:: aries
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