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i don't want to be an open book for you, I'm better than that. So if you really like it you will get know that, btw that attracts me in man...

Je deteste:

Return to the past.... and persuade myself doing what i don't want... or don't like... I play my role... I choose to be real.


And this is what I am - not repeating myself, not pretending ... I believe in vows not jokingly, I move away closer, Stay leaving. YOU will see my spiritual beauty, the absence of pretence... In the eyes - lakes and blue sky, Become, walk so that, like the goddesses. Gentle fingers to caress, Strong hands - they did not know fatigue! but in general, in the hands of a man...and you know...Each man is a creator in his own way ... One can turn a Frog into a Princess, and the other can turn an Angel into a Demon ...


  • Age:: 20
  • Preference:: straight
  • Ville::
  • Poitrine:: B
  • Silhouette:: S
  • Pays::
  • Origine:: european
  • Couleur de cheveux:: blonde
  • Signe Astrologique:: aries
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