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My ideal first date: Crab legs melted butter with crusty, yummy bread. Savoring every bite enjoying the company of a distinguished gentleman who knows how to speak kind, sweet and enduring words that linger in my mind for days until we can no longer

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Allow me to escort you on a Virtual-”Journi” to expand your experience, joyfulness, and pleasure for life.  Together we will explore aspects of your body, mind, and soul that are waiting just under the surface as they have been ignored, under-valued, or under-appreciated, possibly mistreated, or even not yet discovered.  I will guide your discovery of how to begin creating a future that is brighter and brings more satisfaction with experiences of desires found, rediscovered, and the best part, being fulfilled to a greater extent than you ever imagined! Hi.  I am Journi.  I will dazzle with audible and visual delight as we explore, discover, and experience together and leave you wanting more!!!I work as a registered nurse and will make plenty of time to take care of you too, I'll know what to do ;)The key to my heart is honesty, open communication, and loving words. If you’re interested in getting to know me as we Journi together, tell me what the last thing that warmed your heart was and message me to find a time to talk!


  • Age:: 39
  • Preference:: straight
  • Ville::
  • Poitrine:: D
  • Silhouette:: S
  • Pays::
  • Origine:: european
  • Couleur de cheveux:: blonde
  • Signe Astrologique:: aries
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