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Jesse Profil


I get aroused when I get spoiled and treated right.

Je deteste:

Rude or demanding people


I'm an ordinary next-door cute type of girl. Well, you should know more than anybody that looks can be deceiving. My name is Jesse, a kind of geeky gaming girl that comes from a cold, boring and flat country called The Netherlands. Not much is happening here, but we have the red light district, Glassfiber, and weed! Well, Canada has the last thing as well now so we lost a specialty. Don't get distracted Jesse! Stick to the profile! .... I'm well prepared with an HD webcam so you can my nipples crystal clear and a good microphone so you can hear me moan. Or... hear my ugly Dutch Accent..... I look quite fit, got nice round bobs but don't think I'm fit gurl now. Lazy is my second name and I prefer not to do a sport but sit at the beach all day being fed by a sugar daddy. My dream is to have a private island so I can live nude and swim with pigs, while someone is feeding us, so nobody would see the difference between me and the pigs. Okay, again I drift away..... I'll perform different kinds of entertainment either sexual or not sexual, but that is all up to you.


  • Age:: 20
  • Preference:: bisexual
  • Ville::
  • Poitrine:: C
  • Silhouette:: S
  • Pays:: NL
  • Origine:: european
  • Couleur de cheveux:: brunette
  • Signe Astrologique:: leo
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